20 Yr Warranty Services 

Available for Architectural Aluminium Products

*Premium Service Option available for limited product range and substrates subject to project specific application and approval prior to works commencement. Additional conditions apply. See below and in store for further details.


Manufacturer Backed Performance Warranty Services

Available for Architectural Aluminium Products

E-static Powder Coating is both a Level 1 Dulux Accredited Powder Coater™ and a Gold Level Interpon D Approved Applicator for architectural aluminium products. These certifications are your assurance of a quality job, the use of quality powder products and a demonstrated ability to meet stringent international finishing standards and quality monitoring requirements.

E-static Powder Coating is the only Queensland based powder coating services provider located north of the Sunshine Coast to meet these high standards of accreditation and is therefore your ideal choice to provide long term protection of architectural aluminium items for your next project. Availability of these services from our plant in Townsville lowers the barriers to specifying high quality powder coated finishes for domestic and commercial projects alike; providing peace of mind to customers that finishes will stand the test of time in the harsh North and Central Queensland environment.

Our Accreditations

Our accreditations enable us the exclusive capability to offer Dulux Alumi-Shield or Interpon D product performance warranties comprised of a Film Integrity Warranty of up to 20 years and a Colour Retention Warranty of up to 15 years for architectural aluminium products finished in applicable product ranges.

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For additional information visit:

Dulux Alumi-Shield Warranty Website

For additional information visit:

Interpon D Warranty Website

How to Apply

In order for a manufacturer backed performance warranty certificate to be issued, details of the project environment, substrate details and requested colour need to be provided to select the appropriate work specification and powder products to meet the specific project needs. As such these works require prior notification and approval in accordance with the process outlined below.

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Key Process Steps

1) Customer advises E-static Powder Coating of requirement for a manufacturer backed product performance warranty for their project.

2) In conjunction with the client, E-static gathers relevant project information and submits to powder manufacturer for project pre-approval.

3) Once pre-approval is complete, E-static undertakes work and engages with powder manufacturer to issue warranty certificate to customer.

If you require additional information on manufacturer backed performance warranty services, please get in contact with us and our representatives will be happy to assist.


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