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About Us

E-static Powder Coating is a locally owned, family business that has been providing powder coating and abrasive blasting services to Townsville and surrounding North Queensland areas since 1983. We have extensive experience in the metal coating industry and are proud of the great reputation we have with both business and private customers alike.

With both batch and inline process equipment, our 1800 square metre facility has capacity for both large and small production runs with capability for a wide variety of product shapes and sizes. We process a wide array of products including:

  • Aluminium extrusions for windows and doors

  • Fencing, handrail and balustrade materials

  • Architectural products such as louvres, screens and blinds

  • Metal Furniture refinishing

  • Small automotive accessories including wheels, bullbars, side rails, toolboxes, and

  • All manner of other light fabricated goods made from steel or aluminium.

We deliver a high quality, long lasting finish with a quick turnaround at competitive prices for all our customers. Our professional and experienced staff will assist you with any queries and help you make informed choices on various finishes, applications and restoration requirements.


E-static Powder Coating is both a Level 1 and Level 2 Dulux Accredited Powder Coaterâ„¢ and a Gold Level Interpon D Approved Applicator for architectural aluminium products. These certifications are your assurance of a quality job, the use of quality powder products and a demonstrated ability to meet stringent quality conditions and international finishing standards.

These accreditations enable us the exclusive capability to offer Dulux Alumi-Shield or Interpon D product performance warranties comprised of a Film Integrity Warranty of up to 35 years and a Colour Retention Warranty of up to 30 years for architectural aluminium products finished in applicable product ranges.

Visit our warranty services page for further details on our accreditations and performance warranty services.


Don't paint it, 

Powder coat it.


What is Powder Coating

Powder coating is a decorative coating traditionally applied to metal products as a superior substitute to wet paint systems for many applications. Powder coating is most typically a thermosetting plastic which is electro-statically applied in powder form and then baked on to metal surfaces in an oven. The resulting coating provides a hard, durable and decorative protective coating of the metal surface.

A wide variety of colours and finishes are available to suit almost any new commercial or residential application. When combined with abrasive blasting services, powder coating can also provide a longer lasting alternative to refurbishing a wide variety of goods to their former glory.


Benefits of Powder Coating



Powder coating typically provides a harder, more durable and longer lasting finish than liquid paints. As the coating is baked on to products, with the right surface preparation the coating realises high adhesion, good chip and scratch resistance and flexibility to handle products under shock and vibration. Due to these benefits powder coating has become a standard finish in architectural, automotive, furniture, appliances and many other industries and applications.


Powder coated finishes are ready to be put to work immediately after the product has cooled from baking. Standard liquid paints can take days to completely cure and depend on the atmospheric conditions. You can literally put a powder coated object to work while it is still too hot to touch and not have to worry about wrecking the paint. For new materials this means goods can be coated and returned to customers in a very short timeframe.


For small and large production runs alike, powder coating is repeatedly cheaper than painting. The average transfer efficiency of powder coating is 60-70% (nearly double that of wet paint) and over spray is a solid and can be reclaimed and re-used netting virtually no wasted product. Due to prevalence of standard colours made in large quantities and stocked in store, the cost to powder coat for small jobs can sometimes be cheaper than just buying the paint!


Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly coating solution as they contain no solvents; subsequently there is no release of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) into the atmosphere during application. Also powder materials are generally non-toxic and therefore do not require specialist handling or waste disposal. Furthermore, the unique method of powder coatings can yield significanlty less waste relative to liquid coatings as overspray powder can be collected and resprayed.



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